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3 Reasons to turn off the new and start making some plans..

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Conversation Starter of the Week

Every now and then there is nothing wrong with taking a break from watching news.  You may be thinking OMG I will be out of the loop, I won’t know what is going on and that is far from the truth. If something happens believe you me, someone will tell you about it as they share their tale of woe.

The news can be scary and can put ideas into you mind that make you assume that going for more in your life is not an option. On the news you see the poverty of other countries or the homeless at home and say to yourself I better hold on to what I have because there is not enough for everyone especially all of us people who did not go to Harvard.

Take a deep breath and start the conversation with yourself about what you need to do this year to Jazz Up how you make a living it maybe earn a promotion, land a position you love more than your current position or, simply earn more money by starting a business. Begin by asking yourself these three questions. Preferably when you would have been watching the news.


  1. Is the industry you are currently working in one that is in alignment with your core values.


Don’t just cop out with this by saying oh I get a check so everything is good, loose the cynicism and be honest with yourself. Many of you know I worked in Big Pharma for many years and this was not in alignment with many people even some of my family. It was in alignment with me because I believed and still do believe in the life saving power of science, so Big Pharma worked for me. Remember you can sell, market, manage, provide counsel or train people with any company.


  1. Dream up your jazzed up new position today. What would be your responsibilities, the outcomes and some of the problems you would be working with others on to solve?

You can say I want a new job but that is straight up old world lazy.Get busy looking at the core capabilities you do well and that you enjoy and match those to areas of your company.


  1. Begin by planning your week an including time for career and lifestyle exploration.

There is some unbelievable amount of hours you will be working for your entire life so why not include time to plan for it regularly and make sure you are in a field that allows you to earn enough to support the lifestyle you desire. Thank goodness the old days are gone where you worked with a company for 40 years and retired. I don’t know about you but that could go either way. Bored out of your mind or super challenging and you mover around to different departments.


Taking a diet from the news where “they” are telling you the whole world is headed for trouble in the next five to seven years is stressful. Every industry could go down the tubes in five to seven years. Don’t keep your head in the sand but also don’t allow this medium to make you not act from a position of strength.

Use your power of choice to make your moves based on what is best for you and your family. Take some time to focus your attention on your career/lifestyle and you will see results.

You would not be in Jazzy Land if you were not about professional growth. You can do it.


Share in the comments section what a home run would be in 2015 if your career/lifestyle was exactly what you desired.

Your professional life is important, the ripples spill over to every area of your life . If you would like to Jazz Up Your Professional Life using great speaking skills start by scheduling a complementary 30 minute  One Jazzy Life Discovery Session . Investing the time in this first session begins to open your mind to your infinite possibilities.

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3 Questions to Keep You in the Magic Path

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The three questions to get you on the magic path are

What are you passionate about?

Does your day include something you are passionate about?

Are you feeling healthy?

You may be able to remember approaching the one year anniversary of a big event in  your life. Big events take form in many ways they are usually something you knew was on the horizon that completely connected with your passion.


Last year I invested in attending the Jack and Jill conference because I am passionate about Moms and Mentors of middle school and high school girls creating and living the life they desire. This was a confidence builder for me. The business contacts and the connections I made encouraged me to do more in my business. So even though my current life requires I work not only in my business but in other areas to keep up my lifestyle, I feel great because I am busy doing what I love, teaching speaking skills to Moms, Mentors and middle school and high school girls.

Can you answer the question, What are you passionate about? My bet is that you can and then you get down because you can not do that all the time and make you high six figure income that you need to survive doing it right away. My gift to you today is a permission slip that says, yes you can do both and in so doing you will find the balance that adds more joy to everyday of your life.

Adding something that you are passionate about to  your everyday mix is a blessing. There may be a list of things you are passionate about. Your job is to make sure you have something going at least one of those areas every day. Say for instance you are passionate about family, eating right, engaging women in the political process, your job, and of course your love life. Now every day you won’t be able to something in each of these areas and my charge to you is that  you can do ONE a day in addition to your full time job. For example, you may have family game night on the first Friday of each month, the third Wednesday you meet with the women and plan on how to engage other women in the political process, then every Saturday night when the door closes to your bed room your significant other knows they are in for a treat. You get what I am saying, you can do something everyday to feed your soul.

In the feeding of your soul the last question you have to answer is  Do you feel healthy. If you don’t, begin with an appointment to your doctor. Recently I went to my OBGYN because my cycle was causing me pain I had never experienced. The type of pain I told her I would do anything to get rid of it. My first thought was take out whatever is causing this pain NOW. We talked and developed some strategies for me to try before doing any cutting. That conversation with my doctor and implementation of the strategies she gave me has made me fee so much more healthy. This was easy, when you don’t feel well, go to the doctor and make them work with you to get better.

Line your path with supportive people who understand your passion and share it, with every hour of your day be intentionally involved in something that is connected with your many passions and do everything your your power to ensure your body is feeling good.

My intention for sharing these three questions with you is to gently nudge you and say you are loved, your passions and  your health are important to you being on the Magic Path on the journey of life.

Keep your passions front and center, and send me an email if you want some support in speaking to yourself and the world about your passions and  aligning your life with the direction that will make your days full of peace and prosperity.

When the girls you are Moms and mentors to really see this in you, it makes it easier for them to locate this joy in themselves. What a gift.

Cheers to living One Jazzy Life

Janice, Your Speaking Skills Mentor








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Create your day using rituals..It’s easy.

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Early Morning and Before Bed can make a world of difference.

Rituals are important. You may have celebratory rituals that create a sense of normalcy around holidays or birthdays. You can have that same sense of ease and peace around creating rituals that help you have great days that are productive and you feel wonderful on the journey. First thing in the morning is in your control. No one else is aware of those first thoughts you think or those first prayers you say before you even open your eyes to greet the day.

In the morning creating a visual picture of you being the type of person you want to be has made a huge difference in the lives of clients I work with and for myself. You can even create a word for the day or week that you want to embody in all of your interactions. While you are still in bed visualizing the person you want to be all day, you are on time, you have eaten a healthy meal, you have exercised, you aced your presentation and you are thinking about all of the people you might run into and the super cool out of the ordinary stuff that might happen as a result. This feeling makes you smile and have a great idea pop into your head that you know if you implement you will seal the deal on that job, promotion, investment or relationship.

The morning time is powerful, harness that power by taking a minute or two to incorporate this ritual into your day instead of getting up quickly, running out of bed and beginning the day without that quiet time. You may not get any quiet time all day so take it before your day starts.

Which brings me to before bed, another time that you control and very few people know what you do around this time. It is personal, private and very intimate time you can have with yourself just like the mornings. Journaling, and I don’t mean writing a novel and you don’t have to be Alice Walker in your writing. Just write five things you are thankful for, maybe a sentence or two about an unexpected gift that popped up in your universe that was wonderfully designed by the creator, a sentence or two about what you accomplished that day and why it was down right awesome and lastly I add an examination of my behavior of the day. I learned about this examination last year at a prayer meeting at my church and you don’t have to be religious to do it either. You simply look at your behavior and ask yourself if your actions, words or deeds hurt someone and if they did recognize it and try not to do it again.

In the powerfully ending the day  prepares you for rest,  you have closed the chapter on the days events and are ready to begin fresh the next day.

My challenge to  you is to begin and end your day with these rituals for the next 66 days because that is how long it takes to develop a new habit. Comment below on how you felt completing this ritual today.




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3 tips to use fear wisely for your success

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Face it, fear can cause you to stop in your tracks and never progress or take you forever to get where you want to go. We all know this feeling. You can read any number of scholarly writings on fear and the data around how it affects your daily living on Google scholar.

In the real world  I have seen fear managed in three ways successfully.

Use FEAR wisely to

# 1. Keep you alert to new ideas.

#2. Keep you abreast of industry trends and where you can position yourself for success.

#3. Keep you training in your craft and establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

If you’re the type that has new ideas pop in your head every second. Devise a way to keep track of those ideas and schedule a time to review them and decide if any are worth moving forward on.

Keeping abreast of what’s going on in your industry might look like scheduling some time each week to research and read an article on your industry. Literally just one a week could help position you as a superstar because that translates to 52 articles a year and a tremendous amount of knowledge. This can only help you to help yourself and others on their professional journey.

Staying abreast of the training that experts in your field are exposing themselves to decreases fear. Do you need to sharpen the saw in some areas as it relates to your professional life?  Maybe presentation skills, persuasive writing or selling skills might be training that could help you develop professionally and ultimately help you make more money. Sweet, who doesn’t want that?

When you notice fear, feel it and do the very thing that scares you because “Everything you want is on the other side of fear” George Addair.

Cheers to living One Jazzy Life




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Get Busy speaking to yourself about what you desire.

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Conversation Starter of the Week 

You may be ready to take the risk of seeking a promotion at work, declaring you want a new client every week or admitting that you want to loose 50 pounds. Each of these presents its own scary scenairo.

So you want to get promoted, well so does everyone else on your job. You begin to wonder, why am I special, what will make the manager choose me over Joe in the next cubicle?

Affirmation # 1 

I a good at what I do and I have proof that I am making a difference.

This affirmation helped me while writing the book because it made me focus on the fact that I was good at coaching and the women and girls that I worked with gave me feedback to support this.  By extension the book was a way for me to teach more people how to use speaking skills to position themselves for success. This affirmation made it easy for me to keep going when I got scared and thought no one cares or wants this information.

You can borrow this affirmation from me if you want to get promoted along with this piece of advice. Begin keeping track of the good you do. Every time someone says you did a good job or you improved a process or had a big win for the company put these letters into a special place and look at them often. These letter will help you build the confidence you need to take that next step professionally.

So you want to get one new client a week in your business. That is 52 new clients in a year, wow. That is awesome have you ever done the math on how much money that each client you have is worth and how much money this would bring into your business.

Affirmation # 2

Nothing is to good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to happen.  Nothing is too good to last.

This affirmation gets you into, yes, this can happen and the goodness you are feeling does not have to end. Now that does not mean you won’t be scared however, when I thought my teaching reaching more girls and one girl actually implementing some of what was in the book in her unique way. The fear diminished and I was able to continue writing.

You can borrow this affirmation for your business if you like along with one piece of advice. Begin taking action that would increase the sales of your products and services today.

 So you want to loose 50 pounds, who doesn’t want to get rid of a few extra pounds. This does not mean you are not sexy nor  does not mean you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror. What it may mean is that cardiovascular disease is right around the corner and you don’t want that.

Affirmation # 3

I see clearly the open road towards good health. There are no obstacles on my pathway just fulfillment of my hearts desire.

This affirmation helped me to see a clear path towards being an author. On those days when I was too tired to write after work or did not  allocate my time properly for the day, I would say this affirmation and calm myself. The writing plan I had for myself was moving forward like a train going across country that needed to stop for gas from time to time, take in the sights and occasionally stop because of engine trouble. This affirmation got me right back on track.

You can borrow tis affirmation if you want to take a few pounds off along with one piece of advice. Be compassionate with yourself while setting goals that you can measure. This may look like exercising 60 minutes a day and eating fewer calories. That means you have to calculate your calories and eat less of them. All of this you can measure and with increased exercise and decreased calorie intake you can get rid of pounds and keep it off. You can see the results by weighing yourself at a specific interval that could be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Well I hope you have fun with these affirmations. If you have a few of your own that you have used to get things done in your life and reduce that scary feeling when you are doing something you have never done before, share it in the comments section.

Cheers, Janice Saunders

Your Speaking Skills Mentor






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3 Smart ways to add giving to your day.

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Three smart ways to add giving to your day


Conversation with Yourself


Giving of yourself is the fastest way to put a smile on your face and the recipient.  When you put good “stuff” out into the world you’re going to get some good back when you least expect it.


This week my path crossed a woman who had a beautiful smile, it was so nice that I struck up a conversation with her. We had a wonderful exchange about the events of the day and I realized through the course of our conversation that she was a bit down. Her smile gave me the courage to strike up the conversation and talk to her and we ended up talking about the possibilities which the future holds for each of us. We don’t know what they are but we have to be where we are and take action everyday to get where we want to go. Her smile gave me the courage to give her the gift of encouragement in our conversation.


Tip #1

Wear a smile.

It opens the door to conversation and every opportunity begins with a conversation.

Tip # 2

Give yourself some time to write what you are thankful for daily.

Beginning or ending the day with what you are thankful for by way of journaling sets the tone of joy in your life because there is always so much to be thankful for. Noticing in your writing what you are thankful for can help direct your giving of time and resources to create more of that feeling in your personal and professional life.

 Tip #3

Give the gift of listening to others.

So often you are tuned into yourself at such a high frequency that you hear the person talking to you but you do not hear the message they are sharing. Real listening is a tool of communication that is underutilized and by most people but if you can begin to practice this skill you will hear about opportunities where others just heard the words. You may miss a chance to give some valuable information to that person that could change their life or business.


Lastly, I would stay away from giving off a hopeless attitude. While having dinner with a friend the other evening she said you know what Jan, I am just not dealing with negative people any more. Giving to others and to yourself can be a great way to pick yourself up if you’re in a slump. In the process who knows you may connect with like minded people and create something wonderful.

There is a little  in giving.

Let me know what your experience has been with giving.

Janice Saunders, Your Speaking Skills Mentor

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Three “Must Do’s” so in twenty years, you are where you desire

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Thank you for taking an interest in getting where you want to go in twenty years. No long story these are the three keys.

1. Create good health habits

2. Create an environment that supports your goals

3. Say yes to opportunities

Now the back story to each of these and how you can begin to think about if  where you are today is supporting your twenty year plan or moving you away from your desired result.

Write down your twenty year vision and share it with a friend. This increases your chances for success.

Write down your twenty year vision and share it with a friend. This increases your chances for success.

Create good health habits

Beginning and ending with health is important. You may be at an age currently where you are not thinking about the long term ramifications of being even slightly overweight. You may think it is not a problem but as sure as the sun will rise, it will become a serious one and take away from you being able to enjoy the fruits of your twenty year plan. For example, suppose your career is rocking and you are the go to person for opportunities and you are moving up the ranks according to your plan. Then you become hypertensive with out knowing because you’re not managing your stress well, you’re making poor food choices and although you know exercise is important you make excuses for why you don’t do it. Then BAM you have a stroke. 49 % of African American women 20 years of age or older have some form of heart disease. The end result of this is you not being able to enjoy your twenty year plan because no one plans to be sick. So do what you can do to create good health habits and if you need a coach, reach out to me and lets talk about how speaking to your self about the importance of good health is a conversation worth taking action on.


Create an environment that supports your goals

Environment may mean a lot of things but let me put it to you this way. Who you are with matters. Who you talk to and who talks to you matters! If your significant other is telling you that you can not achieve your goals ever because you’re not good enough and you’re not smart enough or just plain old you don’t have what it takes.   Believe you me, it is time to hear what that person has really said to you and examine if that persons points have merit. Then put them on notice that they can’t talk to you that way and if it continues you will be moving on. You can apply this same rule to your professional life as well. If you are working with people who are rude, unprofessional, and don’t allow you to share your ideas IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON, but not without another job in the pocket. If you need help creating these conversations and seeing how a change in your environment can improve your confidence and help you increase your income and happiness reach out to me because improving your speaking skills can get you the outcomes you desire.


Say Yes to opportunities

Time and time again I have seen women get scared and say no to the opportunity of a life time. The big reason for saying no to opportunies is rooted in “good reasoning”. When talking to clients these “reasons” sound more like excuses not to take a chance on yourself for advancement. For example, I met a woman who was was a paralegal who said she wanted to be a lawyer. Now, she had children and responsibilities and I presented her with a resource I learned of from a friend on becoming a lawyer without going to law school, yes believe it or not it exist. First of all it was an amazing coincidence that I even had that information and I met her and she needed the information. I shared the resource with her. Two months later, I was back in the office and inquired with her did she investigate this program and she said no and I asked how come. She had a million reasons that all boiled down to fear. The person who is ready to take a leap investigates then decides yes or no. The people who are fearful make excuses on why they can’t do something without examining the pros and cons. You can use the skills of investigation and be armed with the information necessary to say yes to opportunities. Yes, you may have some fear and you may not know fully how it will work and the confidence you have in your ability to get whatever it is working to your advantage will win in the end. The most important conversation you have everyday is the one you have with yourself about what you will say “yes” to and what you will say “no” to . Check in with me if you need to work on how to align your daily activities around where you see yourself in twenty years.

Twenty years will be here before you know it. Begin today with the end in mind and your next steps will be obvious and the confidence to take them can be built one day at a time.

Leave a comment below on what you are doing this summer to make your twenty year dreams a reality.


Cheers to living One Jazzy Life

Janice Saunders, MBA
Certified Professional Life Coach New York University

Your Speaking Skills Mentor
Every Opportunity Begins With a Conversation




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Show Up Strong

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Because your health is important to building confidence in how you look and feel so you can do the work you love most

Hello my fellow sister in the health struggle are you having a great day today or are you green and red healthy foodsecretly worried about your health?

Have you ever sat back and thought about your health goals? Seriously, I mean with all the information on health that is available, what are your goals? You may have the goal of loosing or gaining a few pounds. You may have the goal of lowering your blood pressure or cholesterol or increasing your iron levels. Everyone has different goals, today is all about your goals. In the book “The One Thing, the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary Results” by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan they discuss the concept of the One Thing. Ask yourself this question in every aspect of your life.

I began asking myself this question in my twenties because I did not want to have heart disease, diabetes or high cholesterol. In my twenties I sold medicine for all these disease and the people who had these problems were sick. They did not seem to be able to live freely. They were tied to medications that messed up your teeth and made your hair fall out on the serious side. This was not for me so I began to see groups to help me to change the way I ate and lived.

Now that it has been over twenty years of eating less meat, drinking less alcohol and excising regularly , I feel great. What I am here to encourage you to do is BEGIN TODAY to ONE THING to make your big health goals a reality. My health goals are to keep my blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol and stress levels low.

The One Thing I choose to do everyday is walk.

What is the One Thing you can do for your (physical health)such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

Tip # 1
Walking adds years to your life.

Tip # 2
Cut down on fried food.
For instance, participants who ate fried foods 4-6 times per week had a 39% increased risk of type 2 diabetes, and those who ate fried foods 7 or more times per week had a 55% increased risk, compared with those who ate fried foods less than once per week

Tip # 3
Drink more water, it helps your digestive process move things along.

Tip # 4
Become a part time vegetarian because eating less meat equals a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and much more

Tip # 5
If you don’t exercise, start! It is one of the things you control that can extend your life.

Get the look you want and feel great on the journey this builds your confidence and makes communicating and connecting with others easier.
Begin SPEAKING with yourself about good health and sticking with it today and if you want help building YOUR confidence that the life you dream of is possible beginning with good health, hit this link and schedule a complementary One Jazzy Life Discovery Session.

Janice Saunders, MBA
Certified Professional Life Coach New York University
Your Speaking Skills Mentor
the most important conversation is the conversation you have with yourself

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Your “Phrase that Pays”

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Why create a phrase that pays?

We all need something short and sweet to keep us on track and focused on achieving our big goals this year. It is almost like a cool little affirmation but this one is about putting money in your pocket. Many of you have that negative tape of “shoulds” playing in your head and have no way of cutting it off. I should be making more money, I should be at a higher level in my career, I hate her because she has everything I want, damn all these connected people, I could go on an on. JUST STOP IT.

Bonus strategy tip

Saying your Phrase that Pays to yourself at that moment (when you get caught in shoulds) can help you stay on track.
If your phrase is more than a few words you will not remember it, so keep it short.

Keep it authentic to who you are, let it teach you about yourself, limit it to a short sentence so the message is not mixed up, and write it everywhere so you see it all day everyday.

Set an alarm in your phone to ring several times a day to remind you to repeat your Phrase that Pays to yourself so you remain focused or get refocused on thoughts and activities that will put money in your pocket not rob you of wasted time.

My phrase for this year is “You build confidence because without that making more money is impossible”.  Asking yourself each day if what you are doing is in line with your Phrase that Pays cans be a nice way to stay in alignment.

What is yours?

Tips to create your “Phrase that Pays”

1. Write down the first things that come to your mind
2. Then start thinking about those words and how you could put them together

3. Then start thinking about how your life would be if you lived that some of those groupings
4. If it scares you “good”
5. Choose the one that feels right and enjoy the second half of 2015

Let me know yours,

Janice, Your Speaking Skills Mentor

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If you’re too busy….Get back on track!

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3 tips to get back on track 

Conversation with Yourself  

You may say to yourself, that it is going to be hard to create a new outcome and make more money. If this the first statement that goes through your mind, don’t claim it.  You can try to put a few things in place before you get started. When I was stuck in the elevator last year I could not be busy. I had a lot of things to do but could not do anything because sometimes life, the universe, circumstance tells us to wait.

You can build your confidence by taking action to create this new outcome. Action towards a specific outcome will make you feel good on the inside and people will see it and put some extra green in your bank account.


Here is what you need to do to get started. Get quiet and …


  1.  Define the new outcome YOU desire


Be very specific with this new outcome, give it some teeth. Make it something you can measure, this way you know when you have arrived at the destination. You may be thinking “oh no” I have to decide something, yes you do!  If you don’t, you may not know when you have reached a milestone on your way to this new outcome. Then you don’t know when to reward yourself for a job well done.


  1. Define what YOU care to leave behind


You may be thinking, I can not let go of all that I want to right now, and that may be true but take a hard look at what you can let go of and systemically begin the process. Releasing dead weight also makes you feel good. This could be in the form of thoughts or things.


  1. Check your behavior for what YOU need to start, stop and continue to support this outcome.


What are some new behaviors you can add that can help you reach your defined outcome. Are there some activities during the day you can stop because they are taking you away from your outcome? These can be things you are doing or even thinking. Sometimes our mind gets in a negative loop. The kind that makes you feel terrible like you can’t do this, you may want to develop a strategy to address this and stop it as soon as it starts.  What can you continue to do in your everyday activities that can build your confidence as you move towards this new outcome. My philosophy is that all of you are doing a tremendous amount of positive stuff that is life affirming, these are the activities you want to continue.


Using these three tips will help you build confidence on your journey towards the outcomes you desire.  Let me know what you try, so I can support you.

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