I believe that you are inspired, resourceful and capable of reaching any goal that you set for yourself. Grounded in this belief, we will work together to bring out the best you. Expect to work hard and expect to be challenged. But most of all, expect to be supported on your journey to living One Jazzy Life.
“In order to achieve a One Jazzy Life, a person has to be healthy, have career flexibility, be financially stable and express sincere happiness.” – JANICE SAUNDERS


“Relevant and motivational; Ms. Saunders brings a high energy experience that can benefit people at all stages in their lives.”
     – PETER  TINGUELY, Vocational Instructor, Transition to Adulthood Program

“The [students] were engaged throughout the entire presentation and when they walked away from it all, they were able to take some very valuable  information with them. This was information that they will always be able to use.”
    – ALEEYA A. FRANCIS, Principal, Saint Charles Borromeo School

“Live to impress me. I feel much less insecure in social settings.”

“Be who I am and not what others want me to be. Develop confident conversations using the 4 S speech method.”

“Be myself, confident in speaking with a crowd and physically and mentally strong”

“I speak fluently and I have learned to keep trying. Life changed and I have become more aware of becoming a young lady and using my intelligence.”