Urban Girls Guide to Greatness

Teaching Students the “Soft Skills” to Accomplish their Goals 
ESTABLISH vital conversation strategies not taught in schools
TRANSFORM academic uncertainty to academic stability and build confidence
DEVELOP a map so that goals can be viewed longitudinally
DISCOVER  interest ,values and development opportunities for connection

Seven Secrets to One Jazzy Life

Developing Skills to Accomplish Your Most Ambitious Endeavors
In #MissionHigh-ImpactDecisionMaking we will:
DISCUSS drivers for building an effective team
LEARN how to become adept at working with people with different skills and backgrounds
DEVELOP powerful strategies on how to “gain” when you “lose” due to a setback
IDENTIFY situations where you can implement a win win program
Without a clear mindset, game plan, and healthy lifestyle, it’s impossible to achieve  ”One Jazzy Life
Email me at janicesaunders@onejazzylife.com to schedule me to speak to your group or organization